Thursday, February 28, 2008

Life with TWO!

Introducing the 4th member of the Anderson family:

Sophie Grace Anderson
7lbs 4 oz. 21 inches
2-15-08 9:20 p.m.

Here is Daddy showing off his footprint tattoo. We were so excited to have Sophie in our room after she was born. We had a "celebration party" and everyone who was there when she was born was able to come in to see her. We had so much fun and were so excited to have Sophie safely arrive.
Addison came to the hospital the next day to meet her brand new sister. We had it all planned out... we would bring Addie in the room w/out Sophie first, to visit with her because we had been "away." Then we would bring Sophie in the room and Addie would smile, hold her and all would be well! That's not exactly how it happened. Addie came to the hospital with a terrible cough, so we had to make sure she kept her distance from Sophie. Then about 5 different people (nurses, chaplain, Baby Talk Lady, pediatrician) came in to talk to us while Addie was in there. At this point Addie was starting to get bored and didn't want to stay in our hospital room. So, with about 5 other people in the room trying to talk to us and Addie running around- Addison went to our hospital room door just as the nurse (who was bringing Sophie in the room so the two could meet) was coming in and accidentally hit Addie in the head. Addie starts crying, and doesn't really care to meet her sister at this point. She was tired, hungry, hurt and bored. Anyway, the two exchanged gifts and Addie eventually warmed up to "baby" (which is what she calls her).

Eventually we came home as a family and have started learning how to manage as a family of four. We are so blessed by an incredible church who gave Chadwick 2 weeks off paternity leave. It was such a huge help to have him home. Addie is starting to turn into a "daddy's girl" and Sophie definitely still needs her mommy.
Before having Sophie, I wouldn't of thought that adding one more would have changed our lives a whole lot. I was wrong. It has definitely impacted every area of our life. The best thing about it- I wouldn't have it any other way! Sophie and Addie (as you can see by the picture) are getting a long great. Addie wakes up in the morning and instead of saying "mommy? mommy?" she says "baby? baby?" Addie is a big girl now and helps us take care of her sissy.

Isn't she beautiful?!? Sophie doesn't seem to look a whole lot like Chadwick or myself. When Addie was born, we knew immediately that she looked a lot more like Chadwick.
Any opinions???
I love this face she makes! She is definitely an expressive baby, she even pouted at Daddy today trying to convince him to stay home from work. Her eyes are still dark blue, but there may be a hint of green in there. Time will tell!
For now, we will continue to enjoy learning how to be a family of four!

Thanks to all of you who helped take care of Addie (grandma and grandpa, nana and papa, Ashely and Kyle, Joy, Mary and Brooke), all of you who offered to help to take of her, everyone who visited us at the hospital, those of you who have made meals or brought gifts for Addie and Sophie. We feel so loved!

Good-bye Dish Rack!

You are looking at the last set of dishes to see the dish rack, the last time I had to stand at the sink for 20 minutes and hand wash all the silverware, cups etc. separately. Such relief!

Tada! Here is our new dishwasher!!! (minus the cabinet that has been built on the left side)

We now have a Whirpool Gold dishwasher complete with Sanitation rinse cycle, power scrubber (for those casserole dishes with baked on food), removable silverware rack that you can even put in the door, nylon racks that are movable in 2 positions and a non-stain interior. Wow! I know, it sounds like I have never had a dishwasher before. We have had one since we have been married, until we moved into our new house. 2 years without a dishwasher is long enough! It has made me realize how much in the past I have taken our dishwasher for granted. If you don't have one- trust me... it's an investment you will definitely get your $$$ out of!

Next up... a garbage disposal! Anyone know how to install one?!?