Sunday, June 29, 2008

CVS and Walgreens deals today

We have been so busy lately and I have not had time to get on here and blog. I wanted to get on and post some great deals I got today!

This is what I got at CVS:

2 - Coppertone SunBlock Baby Face Sticks ($4.69 ea.- $10 EBC back)
1- Physicians Formula Mascara ($7.99 ea.- $7.99 EBC back)
1 -Swiffer Sweeper Starter Kit ($7.99 - $5 off Manuf. coupon, $5 ECB for $10 of Swiffer prod.)
1- Swiffer wet mop refill kit($5.99- $1 off Maunf. coupon)
2- Kashi Cereal ( Sale 2/$5, I had 2- $2 off coupons)
1 pack Orbit gum (filler)
1 Reese's candy (filler)

So- My total cost was: $3 ish out of pocket and $12 ECB... But I got back $10 ECB
Not Bad!


6- packs (40 diapers per pack) of Walgreens comfort diapers- on sale for $5.99
*used Walgreens coupon (in Easy Saver)- $5 off of 2 packs (this will automatically take $2.50 off of each pack of diapers... so $7.50 off of 3 packs, $15 off of 6 packs-)
*After purchasing $15 worth diapers, you will get a $5 Register Rewards at the end of your reciept (To make the most of this deal, you really need to buy 3 packs of diapers twice. At each transaction, you will get $5 back- therefore earning $10 back total. Do not use your register rewards to buy the diapers b/c you will not get register rewards back)

After getting $10 back in Rewards (this is like a coupon good for $10 at Walgreens on anything)I spent around $15 out of pocket... Which equals, $2.50 per pack of 40 diapers or about .05 cents per diaper. Incredible! :<) If you want to do this deal, HURRY! I went to 2 Walgreen stores today and still could not get the size of diapers I wanted. I figured that I would just buy all Addie's size (size 3) and then return a few for Sophie's size (size 2) when they get back in stock.

Thanks to for all the great leads on deals!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Well, admist many difficulties... we finally made it to Hawaii! Our first flight was cancelled and we had to get from Decatur to St. Louis to catch our next flight in a short amount of time. Both flights were completely packed, so the girls could not have a seat and it was tight quarters. However, we are HERE! When you first get off the plane into the airport in Lihue, you can smell the ocean in the air. It is warm here, but it doesn't feel very warm because of the constant cool breeze.

Our resort is incredible, with about 5 different pools/jacuzzi's all over looking the ocean. While walking throught the hallways in the resort, you often feel like you are outside b/c at time there are no doors or windows- it's just open.

We have some great stories- about snorkeling, swimming, the resort, the girls, the locals etc. I wanted to get on here though, to post some pictures. Enjoy!

Watching Dora on the plane

Our Resort has great views

The private beach on our Resort
We got up the morning after we got there at 6 a.m. and walked the beach.

Addie playing at the beach. She did not like the water, but loved the sand!

Sophie and mommy hanging out in the shade.

Jason and Chadwick after Snorkeling in the ocean. Don't ask about the Lobster.

Our beautiful island. We kept expecting to see Jack and Katie jump out of the bushes.

Aloha baby! There are flowers on the ground EVERYWHERE. They fall from the trees and they are so perfect to put behind your ear, they stay with no trouble!

Our hotel lobby has a great view.

Addie picking bananas from the banana bush in our hotel lobby.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Fishing for Good Deals

So this week, I have been researching, enjoying a great coupon party (that ended w/ us running in the pouring down rain to a basement during a tornado- not so much fun, but totally going to do it again!), and debating what deals to make this week.

Today I went out and made my first "deal" of the week. Pictured below is what I got at CVS for a total of.... you ready? Drum Roll...

$1.35 out of pocket!
That's right, 3 packs of pampers- 2 Dawn dish soaps and 1 bottle of Huggies baby wash for $1.35 and I got back $8 ECB Here is how I made the deal at CVS:

Dawn- $1.00 (sale this week)
Dawn- $1.00 (sale this week)
Pampers- $7.99 (sale this week)
Pampers- $7.99 (sale this week)
Pampers- $7.99 (sale this week)
Huggies Soap-$3.49

Coupons Used:
$2.00 off Pampers
$2.00 off Pampers
$1.50 off Pampers
$1.00 off Huggies Wash
25 cents off Dawn Soap
$3 off $15 purchase at CVS (I can tell you where to get this... check out moneysavingmom's blog and go to her CVS link)

Combined with:

About $19 of ECB to add to that from previous transactions

And b/c of the Deals at CVS for the Month of June I got $8 in ECB back:
$2.00 Back on Huggies Baby Wash
$1.00 Back on Dawn Soap
$5 Back on Pampers when you spend $20 on Pampers products

That's my DEAL OF THE DAY! If you want to do this deal too- go soon... the Pampers were going FAST!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Past the expiration date

Just a quick note. Check the expiration dates on your coupons, often. I missed out on two GREAT deals b/c they expired this past weekend. I thought I had a couple more days to get the deal... but they are gone now. :<( So sad! I could have gotten Wish laund. detergent for 97 cents and Cover Girl Mascara- 2 for 50 cents. :<( Mourn with me!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Looking for a cheap dinner?

At Kroger (Bretwood) I ran across a great deal. They had salad mixes for 99 cents on managers special. The were on special b/c they have a sell by date of June 2. If, however you were going to use them that day or the next- you are getting a great deal! Not only were they on special for 99 cents, BUT there was a coupon dispenser right there for an additional 55 cents off! I got a BLT Ceasar salad kit for 45 cents. It made a great lunch to share! Also, a good idea would be to grill some chicken and make some chicken ceasar salad wraps! :<)

Chex Mix and Pantene

Two quick things:

1. CVS has Chex Mix on sale this week for $1. So, if you still have your $1 off chex mix coupons from you can use them up this week at CVS and get your Chex Mix for FREE! If not, see if friends/family are going to use the ones they can print off. Maybe they'd let you print a few more for yourself if they aren't going to use them.

2. The Pantene deal I talked about goes until 7/15 or until supplies last (that is what the sign says at Target) The stickies with buy 2 get 1 free, however were gone 2 days after I posted my blog. The deal is still pretty good and there was $1.50 off Pantene coupon in the Sunday paper. If you can get a hold of 3 of those- then there is an extra 4.50 off. (By the way you can use 1 manuf. coupon AND 1 store coupon PER item,not per order) So the new scenario would look like this:

3 Pantene bottles at 3.97- Around $12

Minus $4.50 (3 Pantene coupons you have from paper) $7.50

Minus $5 gift card you get back at register $2.50 for 3 full sized bottles

***Remember this deal only applies to the Pantene on the end cap at Target. There should be a sign there that says $3.97 w/ a gift card symbol next to it.

There are some other good deals out there this week- Like Dawn soap, 2 for 50 cents. Check out the moneysavingmom link on the right to see all the great CVS deals for the week. (If you have not started the CVS program yet... feel free to ask me your questions, it can be a little confusing... but you just have to jump in with both feet and do it! You get SOO MUCH for SOO LITTLE! Just start out by spending $15 or so out of pocket and keep going back to use your ECB (Free $$$ at the end of your reciept) to buy more free stuff)

I'll post later when I find some more deals for the week!