Monday, June 2, 2008

Chex Mix and Pantene

Two quick things:

1. CVS has Chex Mix on sale this week for $1. So, if you still have your $1 off chex mix coupons from you can use them up this week at CVS and get your Chex Mix for FREE! If not, see if friends/family are going to use the ones they can print off. Maybe they'd let you print a few more for yourself if they aren't going to use them.

2. The Pantene deal I talked about goes until 7/15 or until supplies last (that is what the sign says at Target) The stickies with buy 2 get 1 free, however were gone 2 days after I posted my blog. The deal is still pretty good and there was $1.50 off Pantene coupon in the Sunday paper. If you can get a hold of 3 of those- then there is an extra 4.50 off. (By the way you can use 1 manuf. coupon AND 1 store coupon PER item,not per order) So the new scenario would look like this:

3 Pantene bottles at 3.97- Around $12

Minus $4.50 (3 Pantene coupons you have from paper) $7.50

Minus $5 gift card you get back at register $2.50 for 3 full sized bottles

***Remember this deal only applies to the Pantene on the end cap at Target. There should be a sign there that says $3.97 w/ a gift card symbol next to it.

There are some other good deals out there this week- Like Dawn soap, 2 for 50 cents. Check out the moneysavingmom link on the right to see all the great CVS deals for the week. (If you have not started the CVS program yet... feel free to ask me your questions, it can be a little confusing... but you just have to jump in with both feet and do it! You get SOO MUCH for SOO LITTLE! Just start out by spending $15 or so out of pocket and keep going back to use your ECB (Free $$$ at the end of your reciept) to buy more free stuff)

I'll post later when I find some more deals for the week!


pastorwick said...

just bought 7 bags of Chex Mix for 1 dollar. :) I love u.

The One and Only said...

You're probably way ahead of me on this, but AOL just released a site called Shortcuts that pre-loads coupons onto Kroger grocery store loyalty cards for free to use while you're shopping. Not sure if you partake in those brands, just knew that you guys go to Kroger a bunch. Peace!

bobbi said...

ok i want to try it and i talked to jeni she wants to try too!=) so when can we go to CVS so u can show me the tricks!