Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My Girls

So today marks day 4 of being a stay at home mommy of 2. Many people want to know what it's like. So... here is a typical schedule (as typical as can be) of our day.

7 a.m.- Chadwick gets up and gets a shower
7:30 ish- Addie gets up with daddy and he gets breakfast for her
8:00- Chadwick comes and wakes me up and takes Sophie (I either sleep a little longer or get up and get ready, depending on how the night before went)
8:30- Chadwick leaves for work. It's mommy and the girls!
8:30-9:00- Addie eats breakfast, watches cartoons and plays while I eat, get ready & feed Sophie.
9:00-9:30- I get Sophie changed and dressed, hopefully at this point she is ready for a little nap.
9:30-11:00- Mommy & Addie play (this usually includes, running in circles in the kitchen to Barney, coloring, reading 1 page of 6 different books, talking to baby, trying on mommy's shoes, eating a snack etc.). This used to be easy- with just mommy and Addie. Now that Sophie is here, this is all done when Sophie is content. When she cries, it is all done while I hold Sophie or Addie is pretty good at playing by herself for awhile.
11:00- Lunch for Addie while Sophie eats
11:15- Clean up Addie's lunch, lay Sophie down
11:15-12:15-Addie plays
12:15-Addie's Nap Time

12:00-1:30- While Addie is sleeping, I feed Sophie and typically end up holding her the whole time. For some reason Sophie is particularly fussy during early afternoon/early evening. Sometimes I try and take a nap or maybe get some housework/reading/phone calls/blogs written (I've been working on this one for 5 days...) etc. done, however time is usually interrupted.
1:30-4:00- Same as the morning. Addie eats a snack, Sophie eats (every 2 hours), Sophie sleeps, Sophie grunts (a lot!), We wait for daddy to come home!

Our day is never the same from one to the next. Being a stay at home mom of 2 is definitely more challenging. Like I said earlier, your time is usually spent with one child or the other. There is rarely a chunk of more than 10 min. at a time (when Chadwick's not home), to do much. As I type... Addie is playing in her room and Sophie is laying on the floor in front of me crying, ready to be picked up! (So... maybe on day 5 I will get this post done)

Aren't my two girls the cutest? Sophie is growing so fast (already 9 lbs!) and Addie is becoming so independent (we started potty training this week). I love my girls and I love being home with them! :<)


pastorwick said...

blessed to have you. :) You rock.

Brady said...

And I thought life was busy with class and some work... props to you :).

Bethany said...

Both your girls are beautiful!!!! Pretty soon they'll both be primping themselves in the mirror in the morning! : )