Monday, April 14, 2008

Day Off!

My incredible husband gave ME the day off today! What did I decide to do? Well... I ran a few errands and spent the rest of the day being creative. I love to scrapbook, card make and basically anything that is a "paper" craft. I have been developing an idea over the past few weeks and was able to make it today- so exciting!

This is my "Noteworthy" book. It is a place I can put great notes or clippings. Whenever I read through magazines or books I always find great things I want to remember. I often, however end up throwing away old magazines and hardly open the same book twice. That's when I came up with this book. It is a place for me to keep all these great ideas, quotes, ads, inspiring decorating pictures, tips, advice etc. in one place. I took a three ring binder (yes, I had to decorate it- that's most of the fun!) and made dividers for different sections. I included sections for: Family, Home, Food, Love, Healthy, Beauty, Crafts and Money. Behind each section is blank paper and page protectors. The blank paper is to tape/glue pictures/clippings from magazines or to write quotes from books. The page protectors are in case I want to tear out a page of a magazine.

Now when I read through my magazines/books I know that I have an organized place to keep all the great things I want to remember.

An added bonus... I won't have magazines piling up all over my house!


Ethiopianmomma said...

Sarah A! What a great idea. I have a black plastic binder that I keep note worthy magazine clippings in, except I am to lazy to even punch holes in the clippings so they just lay messed up in the binder. This is so cute. It makes me WANT to organize and search magazines for treasured bits that I can save away. You are so good! I bet the magazine you submitted this to will love it! Your hubby was good to you today. That is nice. You deserved it after your past week! You deserve to go to Hawaii...oh wait...8 weeks and counting.

pastorwick said...

my wife rocks.

Ashley said...

that looks like makes me want to stop doing homework (which is what I am supposed to be doing right now) and be creative! We need to all get together and work on our books like we did a while back. This time we need to get Brooke started too whether she likes it or not!

Cassie said...

Sarag this is AWESOME! I actually saw an idea like this in Real Simple magazine... but it wasn't nearly as cute! It wasn't decorated at all - it just said to put clippings into a binder. HAH. I am definitely borrowing your idea!