Monday, May 26, 2008

How Couponing is like playing Poker...

It is very true. In Poker you have to learn to play your cards at the right time or else you are out of the game with not much/if any extra money to show for it. Couponing is the same. Collect, Save, Organize your coupons so that when the time is right, you can "play" your coupons and get your items FREE or at an amazing discount.

So, when is the right time to play your coupons? The best scenario would be to use your coupons when the item is on sale (at it's rock bottom price), when you have a store coupon and a manufacter coupon. For example- let's just say that this week CVS has Revlon nail polish on Sale from $3.99 to 1.99 (which they do! Monday only-you get $2 in ECB... more on Rebates later). You also have a coupon for $2 off a Revlon Nail Polish item. You will be getting that item for FREE. Now, would it be awesome if you had 2, 3 or 10 of those coupons? You could stock up on nail polish, mascara etc. for FREE.

Another scenario, CVS has Pepsi 2-liters on sale, buy 1 get 1 free. You can print an online coupon for buy 1 get 1 free Sierra mist. (Check out my coupon website on the right to find the coupon...). You can print out a few coupons- and get your Sierra Mist 2 liters for FREE.

Hold on to your coupons, guys and gals until you are able to use them for a DEAL! I admit, couponing takes TIME. I have been trying to find a part time job/stay at home job that would work and actually make $$$ since I have been home. Honestly, there are not any good options out there right now. So.. instead, I have resolved to try and SAVE our Family as much $$$ as possible. Couponing has turned into a "job" for me. Yes, it takes time and effort... but if you find the right resources, there are people out there who do most of the work for you (math included!).

The website I have linked to the right on coupons is an awesome website. They provide links to coupons, give you the Math to get the deals and provide several scenarios to make the most of your $$$. The only thing you have to do is save your coupons and get online to read what the deals are for the week!

Another awesome website is When couponing with groceries at a grocery store- it can take a lot of time to match your coupons/with the rock bottom sale. How do you know when an item is at it's lowest?? This website has tracked specific grocery store prices across the country and will tell you when an item is at it's rock bottom price. You don't have to do the work! Not only will it tell you when it is at it's lowest price, it will tell you what coupon (from YOUR local paper) you can use to get it even cheaper.

This is how it works. I signed up (on a $1 4 week trial... it goes up to $10 every 8 weeks after that for 1 store, then $5 for each additional store... but Really you only NEED the major grocery store on the list. Plus, go in on it with a friend in your town- trade who pays for the site!) under Kroger, which is where I usually shop at. I do sometimes buy things at Aldi, but meats and some other things I buy at Kroger when they are on sale.

Okay back to "the list." This website will take the current ad and pair it up with advertised and unadvertised specials along with your coupons to tell you what to buy when. If an item is black on the list, she advises that you only buy it now if you absolutely NEED it- b/c it is not at it's lowest price. If an item is blue, it is at it's lowest price- STOCK UP!, It it is green... you can get it FREE along w/ a coupon you have collected from your paper.

I hate reading long blogs and I know this has been a long blog. BUT- I am excited about couponing and what I have learned so far. If you are in the Decatur area and want to learn more and get involved in couponing with me... let me know. I'd LOVE to share ideas and great deals we find. :<)

Next post... REBATES and CVS Extra Bucks!!! If you can't wait until I post... go to my coupon link on the right :<) These ladies have it down to a science!



pastorwick said...

should I be worried you stink at poker?

Beth said...

I have been using the gg for a long time. I am too the point that I find more deals than they do. But it's like my safety net, I am afraid to let go.