Wednesday, May 28, 2008

How I got 6 bottles of Pantene for the price of 1

Wow, what an awesome trip to Target I had tonight. My title says it all: I got 6 bottles of Pantene (full size) for the price of 1! Here is how I did it happened.

Online today I was reading the blog on moneysavingmom. They wrote about a deal at Target that is currently going on, but is not really advertised. Buy 3 Pantene products and get a $5 Target gift card back at the register. Then, if you add coupons you already have you get an even better deal!

So, if you have a Target near you this is what you do... On an endcap are the Pantene products that are "on sale" for $3.79. Attached to each bottle are 2 trial size bottles of cond./shampoo etc. There should be a sign on the endcap that says $3.97 and then there is a gift card logo next to it. If you read the fine print on that sign it will say something like: recieve a $5 Target gift card at the register when you buy 3 of these Pantene products (basically anything on that endcap... mousse, condit/shampoo, hairspray... - did you hear that Cassie Oring- I know we both use it!). Limit 2 per customer. So- you can get up to 6 in one transaction.

Then if you already have a Target manuf. coupon-great! Use it!!! But if you don't... go down the Pantene aisle. On the regular size pantene bottles (not that ones on sale!), there are coupons on the front of bottles for buy 2, get 1 free. If you get 2 of those coupons(they are Target coupons, so you can use those coupons and the manuf. coupons at the same time to get an even better deal!)... You get 6 bottles of Pantene for the price of 1! So my total was $14.57 and I recieved $10 back in a Target gift card. So I paid $4.57 for 2 full size Shampoo, 2 full size Condit. and 2 full size hairsprays! Plus 6 sets of trial size shampoo/condit. that were attached.

Sidenote, when looking for the coupons on the bottles- you may have to look at bottles in the back b/c others may have taken the coupons already. Search... you may find one- but even just one coupon takes $3.79 off of your total! (Yeah, Alisha... so proud of you for finding the ONE left at your Target!!!)

Couponing is addicting... but so much fun! Let me know if you find any other deals. And don't forget to check out moneysavingmom daily... that is where I find most of my deals!


Ethiopianmomma said...

You are so fun! I loved your phone call tonight. It made my day. You are like a little excited kid with your coupon deals!!!! It is contageous. I am going to to Target tomorrow and get some free shampoo!

queenoftheclick said...

Great deal on the Pantene! Lucky you!

The One and Only said...

Hey Sarah, just saw this article and thought of you. There are a few links on there which you've probably visited in your hunting, but maybe some new ones. Have fun!