Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Cheesecake and Pellegrino

If you are lucky enough to live near a Cheesecake Factory, you will want to save room for some Cheesecake on July 30th. July 30th is National Cheesecake Day. To commemorate this and their 30th anniversary, The cheesecake Factory will be offering slices of over 30 different varieties of cheesecake for $1.50 on that day. If you need an excuse to eat 2 slices, eat one for me (White Chocolate Raspberry, please!) because we are about 2 1/2 hours away from the closest restaurant.

Thanks to a mishap of my sister and a friend in my small group (yeah, Katie!), I have found a new favorite drink. It's not just an "anytime" drink. It is definitely for the times when the girls are napping at the same time or when they are in bed for the night.
Pellegrino with ice, lime and sugar. Sigh. It makes a great summer drink. My husband makes fun of me b/c he says it is just expensive Sprite/7-up. Maybe so... but to me- it is my special drink! It's great to sip on it while reading, chatting w/a friend or sitting outside. Since I am such a stickler lately for saving $$$, I haven't bought any Pellegrino. Imagine my surprise when I went to Kroger yesterday and found 2 6-packs on sale for 1/2 off b/c someone ripped the packaging. Sigh... pellegrino is my new friend.


pastorwick said...


i love 'em.

Brady said...

I always thought Pellegrino was so gross... but I never thought of changing it. I'll have to try this sometime. I hope you're all enjoying your summertime! We miss you!


Kelly said...

When fancy water runs dry , try (shock ) Big K 's sparkling water , no panache' , but it leaves you some cash !!!
I love the finer things too , but Big K in a lovely glass with a twist of lime isn't bad. Sometimes I add half juice (any kind) and half sparkling water .