Sunday, August 3, 2008

Even my husband was proud....

Today was a great shopping day. My incredible husband stayed home with the girls while they napped so I could go on a 1 1/2 hr. shopping trip. I printed coupons last night, researched blogs, outlined my trips, clipped coupons this morning and bought the Chicago Tribune... I was ready!

I made it to 3 different stores: Kroger, Walgreens and (of course!) CVS. I spent a total of $10.27 out of pocket at ALL 3 STORES. Here is was $10.27 bought me:


Glade Fabric and Air spray
Glade Fabric and Air spray
Cherry Coke Zero (not pictured)

Spent:$1.96 Saved $8.00


4 Betty Crocker Cookie mixes
4 Betty Crocker tubs of Frosting
1 3 pack Irish spring soap
1 box of Cheez-its (no coupon for these... but my husband loves them and they were a part of the Mega 10 deal)

Spent: $6.43 Saved $17.67


Colgate Total toothpaste (online coupon)
Infant Advil (1.00 off online coupon- get $5.79 ECB back)
2 covergirl, trueblend foundations (on sale B1G1, coupon for B1G1 in today's paper = FREE!)
1 covergirl, trueblend powder (same as above)
1 covergirl, trueblend concealer (same as above)
2 pert plus (on sale B1G1, had $3.00 in coupons from today's paper)
1 2 pack extreme energy 6-hour shots (I don't promote these, but they were $4.99, w/ $4.99 ECB back)

Spent: $4.67 (minus $2.79 ECB gained, spent $1.88) Saved: $52.74
(I used a $9.99 ECB, but got back $12.78 in ECBs... if you are new to CVSing, check out, you can learn all the ins and outs of CVS!
Total spent: $10.27 Total Saved: $78.41

A new coupon secret, buy the Chicago Tribune. It has 3 xs the coupons as the Herald and Review. Seriously, if you have not gotten it today- go to Walgreens (the only place I know of that carries it in town), and buy one for $2.50. Go crazy- buy 2! Then you can use your pert plus coupons (2-$2.00 coupons) and covergirl (b1 g1) at CVS and immediately get your money back b/c you will get all of your stuff for FREE!


Ethiopianmomma said...

I found you through Money Saving Mom today. :) I am couponing now. You would be so proud. Best of luck with three kids this week. Call me and let me know about Wednesday.


pastorwick said...

haha...."not pictured"...wonder why the cherry coke couldn't make the photo shoot? I love u.

bobbi said...

thats funny wick! i was thinking exactly the same thing. =) so are you the one that bought out all the chicago tribune so when i went to 3 different walgreens there were none!! =( lol nice round, i went to walgreens today and cvs as well. good deals to be had. did u do the back to school rebate with the pert? a great add on~!

Toni said...

Is the Trib cheaper through home delivery? I live in NW IN and the problem I find is that the store papers don't have the coupons in them? Only home delivery ones?

Thanks for sharing your trip! It always helps to see others' scenerios :) I continue to amaze my husband with great deals too :)