Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Children's Advil for Free at CVS

This month at CVS, Childrens and Infant's Advil is free. PLUS if you can get a $1 off coupon, making it a $1 money maker. If you are new to CVS here is how it works:
1. Get a CVS card (you can get this at the register when you check out, absolutely free!)
2. Pick up 1 Children's Advil or Infant's Advil
3. Purchase at register. Give cashier your CVS card plus the $1 off coupon you printed. You should be able to print 2 coupons per computer.
4. You will pay the cashier for the advil, $4.ish w/ coupon
5. You will get back an ECB on your reciept good for $5.79 (cost of the Advil) at CVS. (an ECB is like a coupon or gift card that prints and you use it on your next visit)

My CVS is allowing 2 advils per CVS card. So here is what you do: you buy 1 children's advil, get ECB's back and then use those ECBs to buy your next children's advil w/ a coupon (so you don't pay any more out of pocket), but you will get another $5.79 to print. Here is a small catch, the 2nd time you do a transaction, if you are going to use your $5.79 ECB AND $1 off coupon- you need to get a "filler". Meaning- you need to buy something to counteract your $1 off coupon. So, a pop or a couple of candybars. Those items will be "free" b/c you are using your $5.79 ECB and getting $5.79 back.

It sounds complicated, but really isn't. I have gotten my 2 Children's advils with coupons with no problem! If any of you(family and friends) have a CVS near you, but don't have children to get the medicine for and are willing- we would love to stock up (if you get two... buy 1 infants and 1 children's, one for each girl).

This deal is good all month! Yeah, CVS!

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