Sunday, August 31, 2008

Target = Snackage!

Target has a great deal this week on snacks: Rice Krispie treats, keebler cookies, cheez-its and pop-tarts (12ct.). These items are on sale for 4 for $9. Not a great, great deal. But here is the catch- if you buy 4 of those snacks at once, you get a FREE $5 Target gift card back at the register. So it's like getting 4 namebrand snacks for $4. Also, it gets even better. Recently Kellogs had an insert with coupons for rice krispie treats, cheez-its and pop-tarts. I have a $1 off 2 pop tarts and $1 off of 2 rice krispie treats. If you use these you are paying $2 for 4 boxes of snacks! AND IT GETS EVEN BETTER! KELLOG'S HAS A REBATE GOING WERE IF YOU BUY 10 KELLOGS ITEMS IN ONE TRANSACTION, SEND IN THE RECIEPT AND 10 UPC'S, YOU GET $10.00 BACK!



2 boxes of rice krispie treats
4 boxes of cheez-its
4 boxes of pop-tarts
2 packs of keebler cookies

Total- $28 and some change
Use these coupons: $1.00 of 2 rice krispie treats, 2/ $1.00 off of 2 pop tarts and 1/ $1.00 off of 2 keebler cookies. PLUS target has an e-coupon (go to for this coupon) for 50 cents off of a box of pop-tarts. You can print as many of these as you want. I used 2 of these coupons (i couldn't find my other ones, I left them at home!)

Total before coupons- $27.11
Total after coupons- $22.11

Get back $15 Target Gift Card to use on next transaction
Plus I have a $10 mail in rebate


Go soon though b/c the add says "quantities limited and no rainchecks."


bobbi said...

so how do you get one of the rebates?

pastorwick said...

your husband loves you.