Monday, October 20, 2008

Meal Planning Mommies

If you haven't checked out my Meal Planning Mommies blog yet, you absolutely have to!
I am a co-author w/ 2 other friends of mine: Alisha from Indiana and Katie from Springfield,IL.

Our blog is all about MEAL PLANNING! What is meal planning? Meal planning is basically just like is says- planning out your meals ahead of time. Meal planning is important if you are busy, but it even becomes more important when you have kids plus your busy schedule!

Here are some benefits of meal planning:

1. Stops your husband/kids from asking the annoying question over and over of:
"What's for dinner?!?"

2. Prevents you from looking in the freezer then the cabinet and back to the freezer again trying to put some kind of healthy meal together at 5 p.m. (dinner time in our house!)

3. Allows your family to eat healthier (b/c you plan it that way!)

4. You can eat on a budget b/c you know exactly what you need for each meal. You can base your meals around sales at your grocery store or coupons you have.

5. Prevents last minute spending at the grocery store.

6. Makes YOU happier! It takes away one more last minute decision and stress for the day!

On our blog not only can you learn how to meal plan, but EVEN BETTER we MEAL PLAN FOR YOU!

Each week we will post on Sunday a Meal plan and Grocery list for the week. Then each day we will post the specific recipe for dinner that night along with step by step pictures with each recipe.

If you haven't started meal planning, definitely check out meal planning mommies.
Better yet, add us to your blog roll (!

We've got some yummy things going on!

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Ethiopianmomma said...

YEA Baby! I love Meal Planning Mommies..especially that Tasty Green gal....oh wait...that is me. That means I have to post next week! Better get meal planning!!! :)