Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Needing a bit of fresh summer air

A few days ago, a friend and I were discussing how were both are so tired of winter already! We grew to hate it even more when we realized that we still have about 3 months of winter to go. The snow, the cold temperatures, the ice sticking to your car, the gray sky and slippery ground makes me want to stay inside. How in the world, we asked each other, are we going to make it for 3 more months?! My friend, Katie, recently posted 10 things she would do to make it through winter successfully and joyfully. I felt the need to respond and create my own list.

I have 11 things :<)

1. Music- I just got 3 great new country albums from my sis- in law! Yes, country- I am trying a new genre! After all, I love country line dancing. :<) hey... that could be added to my list
2. Country Line dance in my kitchen- and teach Addie a few moves!
3. Play more music myself. I can play the piano and should play!
4. Definitely be caught with a good book. Maybe picking a book with a warm season going on would make me feel better.
5. Research and learn more about gardening, that way when spring does come around I will feel prepared!
6. Plan our family vacation for next spring/summer... wait,I will be 8 months pregnant then! Okay make that summer/fall vacation.
7. Speaking of being pregnant... Enjoy life with 2 kiddos! Try to venture out to the mall to let them play.
8. Plan my next decorating attack on our house. Will it be the living room? Bedroom? Kitchen? Or the Brabsons coming over to help us refinish our hardwood floors?
9. Absolutely take more video/pictures of the girls every day.
10. Scrapbook, scrapbook, scrapbook! I need to catch up, and love doing it. It's the perfect inside activity. :<)
11. Learn how to make the perfect cup of hot tea and find my favorite type of tea along the way. Speaking of cute pictures... Here are a few recent ones. Addie and Sophie playing with the nativity.

"Baby Jesus!"Addie loves to point out baby jesus whenever we drive by a nativity scene.

Sophie with a funny face.

Addie eating the icing instead of icing her Christmas cookie


ngerman said...

I like the music thing...well not the country music thing. :-) You should totally play more piano!

pastorwick said...

You should totally perfect your creme brulee' recipe while you're at it.

Sarah Anne said...

Make that #12... perfecting my creme brulee' recipe. Love it!

bobbi said...

im glad that you are picking up country music. i picked it up almost 6 years ago and have never looked back! =) hope you are enjoying some keith urban! hes my fav!