Thursday, December 25, 2008

Only a few hours of Christmas day left

Today was such a fun day. Starting at 7:20 the girls both got up ready to open presents. Chadwick and I looked at each other, both excited as well and got the camera rolling. We were both excited to see the girls open their presents and experience Sophie's first Christmas.

I realized a few things today:

1. This is our first and last Christmas with 2 children. Next year there will be 3!

2. Sophie could care less at this age about opening presents. She just wants to crawl all over the empty boxes and mounds of wrapping paper.

3. It is a hard thing to share new toys!

4. My husband bought me a more thoughtful gift than I expected. A thoughtful gift that took over a year of saving and planning for. I am very blessed! (P.s. It's a new green laptop!)

5. Sophie loved her "last minute" stocking gift the best out of all of them- "Mr. Giraffe"

Here is a picture of each girl and their "favorite gift" of the day.

Here is Sophie with Mr. Giraffe. She loved Mr. Giraffe. She carried it around ALL DAY! Seriously, she was crawling and pulling it along by a leg or a tail wherever she went. We would lose it admist all the wrapping paper and she would wind up finding it. She's also doing her tongue roll trick for the camera.
If you were to ask Addie what she wanted for Christmas she would always say "Baby Chou Chou!" Granted, hardly anyone could understand what she was trying to say, mommy and daddy knew what she wanted. This is not technically a "baby chou cou" doll, but I think it's even better. It talks, giggles, says words, drinks from a bottle (even makes the sounds) and cries. Chou Chou came with her own bed, diaper bag (with bottles, paci, clothes, diapers, spoon, food dish) and a pillow and blanket. Addie loves it! She even went to bed w/ Chou Chou tonight and fed her a bottle while she dozed off.

We had a great Christmas and were so thankful for all of our family and friends that we were able to spend it with. Whether on the phone or in person, thanks for taking the time to wish us a "Merry Christmas!"

And now... Merry Christmas to all, and to all a GOOD NIGHT!

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bobbi said...

glad to see you guys had a great christmas! i keep running into chadwick all around town! =)